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How do Biotechs Stay the Course in Uncharted Waters?

By Beyond Borders   |   EY biotechnology report 2022

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EY biotechnology report 2022

Beyond Borders excerpt: This 32nd edition of our Beyond Borders report offers a chance to take stock of the biotechnology (biotech) industry’s impressive performance during a period of intense global disruption. When, five years ago, we last published our Beyond Borders overview of the sector, we noted the growing geopolitical complexities set to impact biotech. Titling our 2017 report “Staying the course,” we observed that the industry would have to navigate a business environment in which, increasingly, “uncertainty is the only certainty.” From the perspective of 2022, we can affirm that biotech has indeed successfully stayed the course, despite the upheavals that have affected global business since the last edition of this report.

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